Participate in the New BTCD Program “Know Your Breeder”
Share your stories ... Be a Breeder and an Owner who Cares!

Over the recent months Club Members and Rescue Program Volunteers have been discussing the various issues confronting the problem of unwanted Bull Terriers.  The discussion has led to a program that we are titling “Know Your Breeder,” with a mission of helping unify the entire Bull Terrier community behind a set of shared goals and objectives.

Watch Bully Times for regular progress with the program, including special features from BTCD Breeders, who will outline their relationships with owners and other breeders and the goals they all share in improving the Bull Terrier breed.

Your input is valued throughout this project.  Get in touch with the BTCD to tell your Bull Terrier Story, submit information on the breeder community in your area, or request information on breeders you would like to be in contact with.  Our combined effort here will produce an open forum for the free exchange of ideas and information, all geared toward the betterment of the Bull Terrier breed for now and the distant future.
Two Club member Breeders are listed at the bottom of this page.  For additional Breeders around the country please go to LINKS and click on other Bull Terrier Clubs including the Bull Terrier Club of America site which has a Breeder Referral list by state.

BTCD Breeder Guidelines


Know Your Breeder Kick Off Starter Worksheet

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