COWBOY went missing/lost/stolen from his rural east Texas home on 4/22/12.  He is a 7 yr old male micro-chipped Bull Terrier, brown and white approx. 40lbs.


Pansy - FOUND - in Richardson, Texas

Thanks to a sustained effort, this owner found her dog, which had been picked up in her neighborhood and transported to Ellis County.  The girl is doing well at home and all is well.  Lesson here:  keep your ads running on CraigsList and keep your fliers current. 



Eva - LOST -  Wanted in Texas and Oklahoma


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LOST -  Wanted in Oklahoma

Rylee was found wandering stray in the City of Tulsa, taken in by a family, and soon after went missing.  We have been tracking this dog as she changed hands several times since April.  Please contact the BTCD if you have any information on her whereabouts.






LOST DOG - Garland, TX


Prince was taken from his home in West Garland near the crossing streets of Jupiter Road and Walnut Street.  Prince has one small black mark on his shoulder, on one side.  And a unique black mark on his lower right eye, visible in the photograph.  Otherwise, he is all white and stocky.





Spicy was suspected to have been taken from her yard in McAllen, she is dog and kid friendly, and a normal, playful young bully.  She is about a year old.  Please contact the BTCD at the email address below for more information.




This young female has been found south of Fort Worth.  She is about a year old.  Please contact the BTCD at the email address below for more information.




Rommel, is a 4-year-old white English Bull Terrier, he went missing on 4/6/10 near Jupiter and 14th St in East Plano.  He spins when he is nervous, but can usually be lured by food.  Please contact the BTCD at the email address below for more information.





Kate, Was last seen in the Waco area.  Please get in touch if you have more information.






Milley, was last seen on Jeffries St. in Dallas, Texas Wednesday morning, March 10.  She is not aggressive toward people or other animals. Miley is on medication for a mange problem. PLEASE email the BTCD if you have any info. 






Daphne, this dog is lost in the town of Blairstown, New Jersey.  Please get in touch if you have any information. 






LOST DOG Tazz -  Missing in Garland, TX

Tazz is a 50-lb male, very friendly dog with existing, heriditary demodex mange, which is currently under treatment.  He was lost in Garland, TX in early November, he has a birth type mark on his chest and is missing some hair on his left side from the mange, which comes back with a vengenance if he is under stress.




LOST DOG Stella -  Missing in Bryan/College Station, TX

Stella, 2 yr old tan/white female (petite build) bully - a dog co-owned by the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club.  The photo featured here is dated, her skin condition has healed. 




LOST DOG Jake -  Went Missing in Garland, TX

Jake, a 5 year-old red/white male bully was taken from his home in Garland in 2008 and has still not surfaced.  His owners still want him back and hope he can be returned safe and sound.




LOST DOG -  Went Missing in Red Oak, TX

A 5-7 year-old white female bully was found wandering in the Red Oak area the second week of June, was picked up and vaccinated at a Red Oak vet and went missing again.  She has black ears, possible hematomas in her ears, had a noticeable scrape on her left side, was somewhat malnourished and flea infested.  Please contact the BTCD if you have knowledge of this dog.


Email btcdallas@hotmail.com for more information on any of these missing dogs.


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